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How to Uninstall Dell Backup and Recovery Manager?

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Dell backup and recovery manager helps to keep the backup of all data and files from the system at safe place. This is like cloud based online storage service by Dell for Dell users to upload the data from anywhere with facility to download the same at any system.

And if you have Dell computer you will regularly get reminder or popup to use this service and keep your data at safe location. If you don’t want to use this service, you can uninstall the application and avoid such popups appears on your computer screen.

The uninstallation process is not difficult but sometimes unexpected errors come due to technical issues and you find difficult to remove Dell backup and recovery manager toasterfrom your computer. So, we bought for you the right process of uninstalling the Dell backup and recovery manager from your system without facing any issue.

Steps to Uninstall the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager:

Step 1: Right click and exit the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager in the task tray.

Step 2: Now open Windows Explorer and browse to: C:\dell. Delete the DBRM folder and the DBRM.ini file.

Step 3: Open the registry editor and delete the DBRMTray key from here:

Step 4: Now restart your computer and it will now completely removed from your PC.

These steps are enough to successfully uninstall Dell backup and recovery manager from your computer. However, meanwhile if you need any help or uninstallation process is stuck with an error, you can call at Dell customer support number 1-844-395-2200 and get online assistance by experts to fix the Dell backup and recovery issue and solve various other problems comes while taking backup with successful results. Dell support number is open 24-hour for Dell users facing technical issues while using Dell computer, printer and scanner etc.


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