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How to get a Dell Backup and Recovery?

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Dell Backup and Recovery is the service offered by Dell to keep the backup of computer data on cloud storage and restore the same from any location having access to Dell recovery manager application using the username and login password. It helps to keep the data of computers safe and enjoy the best data protection service by Dell. To get the Dell backup and recovery you need to follow the steps in right order recommended by the experts given below.

Steps to Get and Restore Dell Backup and Recovery:


Step1: First of all select where to backup.

Step2: Now choose types of backup.

Step3: Here you can either choose "Let Windows Choose" option that will take whole document folder inclusive of creating a system image.

Step4: Or you can select "Let Me Choose" option will put up a folder structure for a customized backup.

Step5: If "Let Me Choose" is selected, you will be prompted to select which folder to backup.

Step6: The last page is to review what you have selected through the wizard.


Step1: First of all select the file/folder to restore.

Step2: Here system will prompt you where to restore the backup.

Step3: In the first step of the Wizard, enter the backup name and location to store the backup.

Step4: Press Create Image to begin the backup process.

Step5: The process will display a completion bar.


From this section you can export, rename or delete a backup.

Step1: Select the backup from the drop down list.

Step2: Then select an action, like Export, or Rename or Delete the backup

Hope the steps give above will help to get the Dell backup and recovery with best instructions how to restore or manage the backup without any issue. However, meanwhile if you face any problem, or you need online assistance by experts to get backup or solve the Dell backup and recovery related issues, then call at Dell customer support number 1-844-395-2200 to get online help by certified technicians and fix the technical issues with complete safety and privacy.

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