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How to Fix Dell Printer PDL Error?

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Generally PDL error seen with the printer when it stores cache and stop printing larger jobs to fix the error we need to clear NVRAM of the printer. Or it may be a faulty cable error try to get an original cable if after going through blog you are not able to fix error.


Steps to Fix Dell Printer PDL Error 016-720:




Step 1: Switch off the printer.

Step 2: Remove all the cables and devices connected.

Step 3: Press power button for 5 minutes without connected to power.

Step 4: Connect all the cables and switch on the printer. Now check if the issue is resolved.




Step 1: Search for the latest updates for the printer software.

Step 2: If found install latest drivers from the official dell printers site.

Step 3: After installing restart the system and check whether issue is resolved or not.




Step 1: Switch on the printer and when you get message printer is ready.

Step 2: Press down button until you reach setup option and select the option.

Step 3: Now press down button until you reach Admin Menu.

Step 4: Enter Admin menu and press down button until maintenance enters the option.

Step 5: Press down button until you reaches Initialize NVM displayed, select the option.

Step 6: Press down button until user section is selected now printer displays are you sure press Ok. It will shut down the printer now restart and verify if dell printer error state has been resolved.


Call Dell Support Number 1-844-395-2200 to Fix Dell Printer PDL Error


If after following all steps given in the post above dell printer PDL error 016-720 is not resolved you can call an expert. To get in touch with Dell professionals you can contact dell printer support number and get help Online to fix the printer problems. Best team of certified technical professionals working here to fix the Dell printer problems with right approach.

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